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What People Say

Came to Simonas sessions at difficult time in my life and with big pleasure can say that it change it for the better. Would definitely recommend for everybody. Thank you Simonas.

Arturas B.


Thank you for my wonderful journey towards the real “Me”. Unforgettable experience! Can’t recommend highly enough.

Hanna V.


Highly recommended experience. If you want to do some changes in your life and in your self – you must come to Simonas sessions. It helped me to be a better person and find a peace within myself. Thank you Simonas.

Mantas A.


I joined the 8 week program, firstly, because I felt at ease talking to you the first time we met. I wanted in my own life not to be living as a reaction to what other people did or didn’t do for me, for example, not been grateful for help I gave them in the past. I wanted to build up my confidence, which was really low in fact almost non-existent. I wanted to be able to make decisions on my own and to be able to live easy with whatever decisions I make and to realize it’s o k. Not to be perfect but to just be me and at ease with myself. These things I have learned on this program.

John Fallon


I highly and warmly recommend feeling the joy of Lifes changing experiences on the online practices or private groups workshops and most powerful ReBirthing breathing session practices with the powerful coach Simonas Skuzinskas. Thanks again for the tears of laughter and the joy of the present moment.

Daiva B.


Life changing adventure with every breath.

Aidas G.


Thank you for the most amazing experience. I feel like I have had a total work out on the inside. For the first time I understand the importance of structured breathing and chakra cleansing. It was amazing to feel the whole of your body react to breathing. To understand each part of yourself is amazing. Everyone should do this. Thank you.

Sharon P.


One of the best things I recently experienced is Rebirthing sessions with Simonas. It helped me to clarify my mind, to prioritise the things in daily routine and enjoy every little moment in my life. Only had two sessions so far and I feel the difference in myself already.
If you stuck, feeling stressed out, depressed and can’t find the way to get out of these feelings, I highly recommend Simonas!
I feel so blessed to meet you! Thank you ever so much and see you soon again!

Agne J.


Simonas is a wonderful guide. A true authentic energy worker who’s passion for transformation and growth, seeps from his every pore. He holds such a sacred and safe space allowing one to let go into this process, which has transformed every area of my life. I am grateful for his guidance and support. It is said that when the student is ready to Learn the teacher shows up. Huge gratitude Brother.

Aisling M.


Simonas has such a beautiful soul and he is great life coach. Loved breathing meditation, it made a huge difference in my life in best way possible. Thank you Simonas.

Vilma B.

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