Sparks of me.

Free of concepts and labels, identities, cultural ideas of what’s good and bad, stretching own mind beyond others’ views and opinions, having own experience and not interrupting others to have theirs – that’s the peace I feel within (and consistently evolving).
But it wasn’t like that all the time. I found it really hard to be present and feel joy of ANY moment when I wrapped myself around with all these insecurity driven emotions like fear, judgment, guilt, shame, justifying own behaviour, prove and be approved, fulfilling someone’s expectations of me being a “good man”.

Most of my actions were driven by these emotions, and basically, I was building a sinful life (digressing from my own heart desires). Any goals I’d set were coming from the place of fear rather than love, seeking to GET TO the goal rather than an inspiration to COME FROM. 
I never felt like I AM. It was always seeking, pushing, pulling, taking, giving. And all of that were coming from the state of NOT ENOUGH, not being worthy, fear of not being something to someone they would value as GOOD. 
School, college, work, businesses, relationships, any social gatherings and events, public places, anywhere I’d meet people. 
But it all changed…and continues to evolve. I want to share it with YOU.

My Passion

What I learned in the last few years while consuming lots of books, seminars, trainings, masterminds, and everything that where I I’d hoped to get answers, I was trying to be “saved”. I was looking for someone to save me from myself. I thought I’d go to hire a coach and he will provide me with answers I am looking for, he’d show me my gifts and what I am good at, where to find happiness, fulfilment, and success. 

What I missed in this entire process was – AN EXPERIENCE. I was so heavily deep into studying that I was never present to absorb the NOW what was happening and observe how I feel, what I think. I thought that life is somewhere THERE. It seemed like I was trying to get to some place where I’d find all of that and, then, I will be at peace. Basically, “dead”, since I arrived…

…and now what? 

How am I present at work? Wife? Children? Colleagues? Strangers on the streets? Conversations? 

Do I connect with other people based on free thinking and feeling or predetermined concepts of the past experiences that bring up certain emotions? 

Am I free to explore the content of my soul without clinging to my past and projections of the future image? 

Am I free to experience the moment AS IT IS, or am I reacting from past images and emotions?

Am I free of judgment of others experiences?

Am I building the business based on the shame I feel in high performing environment OR eagerness to expand myself through service to others sharing my gifts?

And many more! 

Many businesses today are built based on personal history rather than existing awareness of what is truly useful and what is mine to do. 

You may be feeling out of whack in your business and life, and perhaps you want to change the directions in your business and you have a fear that you don’t know the other thing so well yet feeling inspired with a sense that this is a way to go now.
Perhaps you are doing what you want but still feel you “have not arrived” as there is no sense of peace in your heart. 

Let’s talk. I’d love to help you to get grounded on your unique path and have a feel for life.